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Anhang C: M6502 Assembler

Alphabetische Liste der M6502 Mnemonics:

ADC - Add with Carry
AND - Logic AND
ASL - Arithmetic Shift Left
BCC - Branch on Carry Clear
BCS - Branch on Carry Set
BEQ - Branch on Equal
BIT - Test Bits
BMI - Branch on Minus
BNE - Branch on not Equal
BPL - Branch on Plus
BRK - Break
BVC - Branch on Overflow Clear
BVS - Branch on Overflow Set
CLC - Clear Carry
CLD - Clear Decimal Mode
CLI - Clear Interrupt Mask
CLV - Clear Overflow
CMP - Compare to Accumulator
CPX - Compare to Register X
CPY - Compare to Register Y
DEC - Decrement Memory
DEX - Decrement Register X
DEY - Decrement Register Y
EOR - Exclusive OR
INC - Increment Memory
INX - Increment Register X
INY - Increment Register Y
JMP - Jump to Address
JSR - Jump to Subroutine
LDA - Load Accumulator
LDX - Load Register X
LDY - Load Register Y
LSR - Logical Shift Right
NOP - No Operation
ORA - Inclusive OR
PHA - Push Accumulator onto Stack
PHP - Push Processor Status onto Stack
PLA - Pull Accumulator from Stack
PLP - Pull Processor Status from Stack
ROL - Rotate Left
ROR - Rotate Right
RTI - Return from Interrupt
RTS - Return from Subroutine
SBC - Subtract with Carry
SEC - Set Carry
SED - Set Decimal Mode
SEI - Set Interrupt Mask
STA - Store Accumulator
STX - Store Register X
STY - Store Register Y
TAX - Transfer Accumulator to Register X
TAY - Transfer Accumulator to Register Y
TSX - Transfer Stack Pointer to Register X
TXA - Transfer Register X to Accumulator
TXS - Transfer Register X to Stack Pointer
TYA - Transfer Register Y to Accumulator

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