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1. Copyright & Registration

Power20 is Copyright © 2008 by Roland Lieger. All rights reserved.

Power20 is published as shareware. You may freely distribute copies of Power20 by any means (such as floppy disks, CD-ROMs, magazines, books, FTP, electronic bulletin boards, etc.) provided that you distribute unmodified copies and that you do so without any charge other than a nominal charge for the act of copying (max. $5 US). If you plan to put Power20 on a CD-ROM or book, please send the author an email to make sure you include an up-to-date copy of Power20. The author would also appreciate (but does not require) a complimentary copy of your CD-ROM.

While there is no charge to get a copy of Power20, it is still required that you pay a moderate registration fee if you find Power20 enjoyable and use it for an extended period of time. Power20 is fully functional even if you have not yet registered, so you can perform all the test your heart desires but in order to remind you that the author has spent a lot of time writing the software, there is a time limit of 10 minutes for each emulator session.

Registrations for Power20 are handled by Kagi, a company that collects shareware fees on the author's behalf. The shareware fee is 24US$ (including Kagi's share) for a single user license.

If you are already a registered user of Power64, the Commodore C-64 emulator for the PowerMac, please check the "Registered Power64 User" box for a $8 rebate on the registration of Power20. If you are not yet familiar with Power64 please visit: http://www.infinite-loop.at/Power64/index.html

If you want to register both Power20 and Power64, you should purchase a "Power20 & Power64 Bonus Pack", to obtain a license for both programs for only $48.

The easiest way to register is by using the online registration system: http://order.kagi.com/?5G. You can pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blue, Carte Blanche, JCB etc.), PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check/Money Order or Cash.

As soon as Kagi received your payment, they will send both you an email confirmation and inform me to send you your registration code. Your registration number will remain valid in all future versions of Power20.

Alternatively, you can pay me directly. Send 15 Euro (preferred) or 24 Swiss Francs or 24 US$ (probably the easiest to obtain outside of Europe) to:

Roland Lieger
Goethegasse 39
A 2340 Mödling
Austria - Europe

You can also register both Power20 and Power64 (Commodore C64 Emulator) together for only 30 Euro or 45 Swiss Francs or 45 US$.

Please send the fee in cash in a plain envelope. The Austrian postal service is very reliable and quite fast. Unfortunately Austrian banks charge prohibitive fees (about $12 US) for clearing non-austrian checks or traveler's checks, as well as crediting foreign money orders on an account. Thus I do not welcome these modes of payment (although I am aware that this is a common way to send money around the US). Unfortunately, I am also not able to handle credit cards. If you wish to pay with check or credit card, please do so via Kagi (see above).

As soon as I receive your fee I will immediately send you an email (or postcard, if you don't have an account) with your registration number. Your registration number will remain valid in all future versions of Power20.

Legal Note:
Power20 is provided as is. Use it at your own risk! While great care has been taken to ensure correct operation of Power20 the author does not accept any responsibility for damages or lost profits caused by errors hidden in the code.

It is illegal to distribute pirated software together with Power20.

The System Software is © 1981-1982 Commodore Business Machines.
All products mentioned in this text are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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