Power64 Power20

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Power64's User's Manual, that is of course also part of the Power64 Download archive, is also available online in several languages.

Project64 (http://project64.c64.org) and iDoc (http://www.softwolves.pp.se/idoc/) try to conserve all kinds of Commodore related information as etexts. While Project64 collects only English texts, iDoc also collects texts in other languages (German, Spanish, Swedish, Hungarian...)
Some of their files are mirrored here:

For a long time, FAQs (Documents with Frequently Asked Questions and their answers) and similar standard documents were maintained for the newsgroups news://comp.emulators.cbm and news://comp.sys.cbm. Unfortunatly noone has volunteered for this job for the last years, and so the documents are by now somewhat out-of-date. Still copies of the most recent versions are available here:

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